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Monday, 04.04.2005 14:15h MET
GomGom packed up his last XviD tarball - XviD-1.1.0-Beta2. Major improvements for low bitrates, some resource leaking in the directshow interface and a tiny speedup made it into this build. The binary is available as usual on my XviD-page.

Sunday, 16.01.2005 12:00h MET
XviD-1.1.0-Beta1 is available. Head over to my XviD page to download the installer.

Monday, 20.12.2004 11:25h MET
XviD 1.0.3 is a bugfix release of the stable 1.0-tree. Find the new build on my XviD-page. It is soon to be expected that we'll start public beta testing (now it's still alpha) of the 1.1-tree.

Saturday, 06.11.2004 09:35h MET
I had a little time to fix the aspect ratio resizing in the XviD-1.1-test build. I don't know yet if it also fixes the auto-resize-with-unpacked-bframes-issue, but forcing the aspect ratio to i.e. 4:3 or 16:9 works again.
When forcing to 4:3 etc. I strictly set the picture aspect ratio that way. So a 720x576 pixels encode becomes 720x540(!). If you fetch your calculator you'll see that this is mathematically correct. Maybe we need to extend our options for PAL and NTSC ARs.

Tuesday, 07.09.2004 08:05h MET
Daniel from www.vogon.hr kindly offered me hosting for this site! It'll take a little until I really move there, but you won't notice anything if you use www.koepi.org for accessing my site.
Which reminds me: Haseeb, can you please contact me shortly? I don't even have a printer setup at home yet and forgot to write down your email address.
Big thanks to you two! :-)

Monday, 06.09.2004 10:45h MET
Finally I found the time to upload "my" XviD-1.0.2-build. Take care not to believe other sites to have the binary before I compiled it, at least filename and filesize should be like usual!
Please enjoy the new build!

Thursday, 02.09.2004 13:10h MET
Since I'm currently moving to a new flat, I lack the time to compile and test a new XviD-1.0.2-binary. Please be patient, it'll be there around mid-september (latest, this is a promise!). (At least I hope that I get DSL until then.)
If someone has a high-bandwidth site with a spare 130+GB traffic permission per month available, please contact me. Since I'm moving out of the dormitory where I host this site I'm looking for a replacement server. Unfortunately I can't afford such a high bandwidth/traffic server, but maybe someone out there does. Thanks!

Monday, 07.06.2004 07:10h MET
The first bugfix release, XviD-1.0.1, is available. All bugs are really minor, even if the bug descriptions sound bad. Enjoy!

Saturday, 05.06.2004 10:30h MET
Great News! Haseeb registered the koepi.org domain for me, so now my site is reachable via ! Please update your bookmarks accordingly, it helps finding me again when I move out of this place in a few weeks! Thank you Haseeb!

Sunday, 16.05.2004 23:30h MET
XviD-1.0 got final! The XviD team is very pleased to have a stable, fast and high quality codec out now. Development is going on of course, new features will be available in the 1.1-tree soon.

Monday, 05.04.2004 13:30h MET
XviD-1.0-RC4 binary up.

Sunday, 29.02.2004 13:00h MET
Today we're proud to announce XviD-1.0-RC3 (ni hao!). There shouldn't be any bugs left, so please test the build and report problems!

Saturday, 07.02.2004 16:00h MET
The new XviD Release Candidate 2 finally is ready - say Jambo! (swahili)

Sunday, 26.01.2004 17:00h MET
Long time no news - we've been busy! I wish everyone a happy new year (a little late though) and hope that you'll enjoy the new XviD-1.0 Release Candidate 1 called "Niltze"!
Head over to my XviD page to fetch your binary now!

Friday, 26.12.2003 10:00h MET
Merry Christmas everyone(well, those who celebrate it at least). It's done, now we have XviD-1.0-Beta3 (Codename Selam). Find it on the XviD-page along with an updated Beta3 standalone directshow decoder.

Sunday, 14.12.2003 16:30h MET
I built a new standalone XviD directshow decoder, find it on the XviD page.

Friday, 05.12.2003 16:30h MET
Beta 2 of XviD-1.0 is out. Plenty of bugs are fixed.

Sunday, 30.11.2003 02:30h MET
It's done. We finally decided to make the current development status official beta 1 of XviD-1.0! Inofficial internal codename is "Aloha" - so don't get confused if we're talking strange things sometimes.
We need feedback now to make final XviD-1.0 rock-solid. Please take the time and test and report bugs over at Doom9's.

Friday, 31.10.2003 09:30h MET
This has been a long time without news, my apologies. The XviD dev-api-3 tree isn't going to be developed much more, instead we're concentrating on dev-api-4 - to get ready for a XviD 1.0 release.
This won't take too long until the first public build will be up, so stay tuned!

Friday, 11.07.2003 09:30h MET
The page redesign process is finished now, I think it is even more straight- forward than before.

I created a virtual host for my site. This will be helpful especially for users from japan/china/taiwan/... as it seems (from the logfiles) that the character encodings used there have problems with the "~".
From now on, please use http://koepi.roeder.goe.net/ for accessing my homepage!

Tuesday, 08.07.2003 22:30h MET
Today I took the time again to overhaul my webpage. I hope you like the new design. (I really found my way to cascading style sheets now... i refused to use them for years!)

Tuesday, 24.06.2003 16:30h MET
Ok, I mixed up my sources in the last build - now I cleaned the mess. When you disabled all CPU optimizations, SimpleIDCT got used. Now always walken idct is used. I also disabled some SSE2 optimizations which were causing some strange behaviour (like it's changed in current CVS).

Monday, 23.06.2003 13:30h MET
Again a new xvid build is up. It contains many of sysKin's latest inventions and fixes, so please test it!

Monday, 16.06.2003 07:30h MET
I assembled a unified patch for the current features of a CVS-snapshot from the netfilter patch-o-matic for kernel 2.4.21. I hope you like it, it's not tested intensively but seems to work stable (for 24 hours now on my router).

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